What Customers Say

This DonJoy knee brace is indeed a joy. It instills a sense of confidence. Going up stairs is no longer a major undertaking, and bending to do a little gardening is also much easier. I highly recommend the DonJoy OA REACTION WEB to anyone suffering from arthritis.

Jane Harris

80 years young

I ruptured my ACL six weeks before a trip to Scotland. The Armour Extreme ACL brace was my lifesaver. I was able to put it on, wear it all day, walk lots and lots, and enjoy my holiday. Without it, I would have been confined to a wheelchair for sightseeing or not been able to go anywhere.

Nancy Gray

I have osteoarthritis in both knees. I am bone on bone on my right knee, but stubbornly have refused to give up tennis - I play 3-4 times per week. After two hours of playing I would be in considerable pain. I received my Defiance III last week and haven't felt any pain at all! I played for 3.5 hours last Friday and another 2 hours on Saturday, then walked five miles on Sunday with absolutely no pain at all! While nothing short of a new knee will fix the problem, this brace has really helped me out!